Three months after formally releasing its new proprietary software interface, epFace, alliantgroup and its state of the art software were featured in the September 2015 edition of Engineered Systems in the publication’s “Software & Apps” section.

Designed by alliantgroup’s in-house engineers, epFace works hand-in-hand with EnergyPlus, the U.S. Department of Energy’s open-source modeling software used to simulate energy and water usage in buildings. Widely recognized as the best available energy modeling software, EnergyPlus is currently used by the IRS to calculate tax deductions offered through Section 179D of the tax code—the Energy-Efficient Commercial Building Deduction. With 179D serving as one of alliantgroup’s key service lines, clients can rest easy knowing that their tax deductions are being calculated through an improved version of the very same software used by the Service to calculate their energy tax savings.

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