Josh Holtgrewe was hoping to squeeze a little extra money out of his 2014 tax return when he learned that his MEP firm, HNA  Engineering, PLLC,  was a great candidate to receive  the 179D tax deduction. “After doing a little research … I saw that alliantgroup was at the forefront of 179D.”

Holtgrewe and his partner provide a number of engineering services (energy, electrical, value) and offer tailored solutions to planning and design problems in at least 12 states.

HNA Engineering entered a contract last year with a university in Tennessee to perform renovations and improvements for an on-campus building’s lighting, HVAC and hot water systems. Their work at the university contributed to a reduction of the renovated building’s energy costs by over 50%.

Originally passed as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the 179D tax deduction for energy efficient buildings rewards design and construction teams that are making conscious business choices to create a more environmentally sustainable property.

Obvious Experience, Obvious Results

Holtgrewe wasn’t sure what to expect after he and his partner hired alliantgroup to pursue the 179D deduction. “I was a bit nervous,” he said about the early stages of the tax study, when alliantgroup began to secure allocation letters.

“alliantgroup quickly put my fears to rest with their detailed action plan,” he continued. “They navigated our client relationships with obvious experience, ease and professionalism. “

After securing the firm’s eligibility, alliantgroup delivered a major tax deduction and Holtgrewe and his partner have been reinvesting the majority of their tax savings back into the company. In fact, they were in the process of purchasing new servers and hardware when their deduction arrived:

“This could not have come at a better time,” Holtgrewe finished.

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